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The company Globaldibs Trade & Investment Ltd was founded in 2010 by a group of professionals in different fields of investment services ranging from Cryptocurrency Investment, Oil & Gas, Forex trading, Stocks & Commodities investment, & Real Estate investment. We provide acquisition, development, and finance expertise for both commercial and individual investors. Our experience in structuring complicated financial transactions while accommodating diverse partnership interests has allowed it to achieve over $5 Billion in acquisitions and financing. Globaldibs leads the industry in wealth management. We provide independent RIA and broker services that are powered by over 12 years of industry experience. Established in the year 2010, legally registered with the Australian Securities & Investment company and the Australian Department of Industry, Innovation & Science with ABN: 65 433 108 337. We provide a unique global perspective through our global network, in-depth market and sector knowledge. This puts us in an excellent position to address the increasingly global needs of our clients. With our professional investment services and rich experience, we can easily help customers achieve the target result. Globaldibs is a solution for creating an investment management platform. It is best for a hedge or mutual fund managers and also Forex, stocks, bonds, and cryptocurrency traders who are looking at running a pool trading system. Globaldibs simplifies the investment, monitoring, and account management process. With a secure and compelling mobile-first design.

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Create an account with us using your preffered email/username


Make a Deposit

Make A deposit with any of your preffered currency


Start Trading/Investing

Start trading with Crypto, Forex, Indices, commodities e.tc

Our Investment Packages

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$ 1000

1 Month - 2 Months

  • Min. Possible deposit: $1000
  • Max. Possible deposit: $9999
  • $10000 Minimum return
  • $100000 Maximum return
  • $50 Gift Bonus

$ 10000

2 Months - 6 Months

  • Min. Possible deposit: $10000
  • Max. Possible deposit: $49999
  • $50000 Minimum return
  • $500000 Maximum return
  • $400 Gift Bonus

$ 50000

6 Months - 1 Year

  • Min. Possible deposit: $50000
  • Max. Possible deposit: $999999
  • $500000 Minimum return
  • $1500000 Maximum return
  • $1000 Gift Bonus

Our Features

Powerful Trading Platforms

Globaldibs offers multiple platform options to cover the needs of each type of trader and investors .

High leverage

Chance to magnify your investment and really win big with super-low spreads to further up your profits

Swift Transactions

Providing insight-driven transformation to investment banks, wealth and asset managers, exchanges, clearing houses. Super-fast trading software, so you never suffer slippage.


Our system’s authentication, cold storage, smart backup, and manual withdrawals all ensure your funds remain safe and secure from hackers.

24/7 live chat Support

Connect with our 24/7 support and Market Analyst on-demand.

2,085,012 Total Investors
365 Running days
$5.8 Billion Total Invested
$3.2 Billion Total Withdrawn

It is safe


On a decentralized platform, all user accounts are independent; if one account is hacked, this won't breach the security of your existing earnings on Globaldibs


Established in the year 2010, legally registered with the Australian Securities & Investment company and the Australian Department of Industry, Innovation & Science with ABN:65 433 108 337

Speedy Cash-out

We realize that life is full of uncertainties, hence, we provide fastest trading cash-out and withdrawal exit options. No delays in Order executions and lags in user interface

The Reliable Platform To Trade & Invest

We make you achieve your financial goals by helping you trade and invest with ease.


  • Q1 2010

    Registered and approved by the Australian Governemnt with ABN:65 433 108 337

  • Q2 2010

    Project Startup. Production conception. System architecture development

  • Q3 2011

    Test environment launch for algorithm creators. Development of the first algorithms.

  • Q4 2011

    Connection to stock exchanges. Developmentbof trading platform and the system's core elements

  • Q5 2012

    Trading public product. Broadening of financial instruments for investors

Client Testimonials

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's the answers to some of the most FAQs

Is Globaldibs a registered company?

Globaldibs is legally registered with the Australian Securities & Investment company and the Australian Department of Industry, Innovation & Science with ABN: 65 433108 337

How do I become a part of this?

You can become a part of the company by creating an account from the registration page

How can I fund my account?

We support the following funding methods: Internet wallets: Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin. Bank Wire, Skrill and Paypal. One or more of the above methods might not be available from time to time depending on your deposit amount, for example, we only accept bank wire funding methods for transactions above $50,000. After funding and activating your account, trading will commence. (Activation amount is based on investment plan)

How long does it take for my funds to be credited into my account?

After a successful account upgrade, Depending on the deposit method, wire deposit usually takes between 3 to 5 working days, depending on the sending bank while other methods take less. Once we received the funds in our account, they will be deposited into your trading account. Please contact Support@globaldibs.com in case you have been charged with the deposit but funds are not showing in your trading account.

Are my funds secure?

Investors’ funds are held in segregated accounts, meaning completely separate from the company’s accounts. Investors’ funds are kept by ICC Intercertus Capital Limited in first-class banks. Yes, your funds are secure.

How do I withdraw money from my account if I need it?

Your funds are held in segregated accounts, and you withdraw them as you would from any brokerage account provided you initiated an account activation before withdrawal. Upon requesting your first withdrawal, you are mandated to pay 20% of your total portfolio balance for brokerage / flat fee out of pocket for withdrawal processing.

Is there a minimum withdrawal amount?

No. You can withdraw any remaining balance in your account that is not currently being used to secure open trades, however, please note, if the requested amount is lower than the processing fee, we won’t be able to proceed with the request.

Who is a trade account manager?

A trade account manager is a professional that works for you to create an investment portfolio that is best suited to meet your individual needs. Not all trade account managers are created equal. It is important to choose a trade account manager who can meet your specific needs and deliver solid returns with good service.

What makes you different from many others?

We have no conflicts of interest that could adversely affect your portfolio performance. Unlike many brokers and other financial advisors, we receive no compensation from brokerages or mutual fund companies for investing in their funds. Our only goal is to find the best investments available to meet your objectives.

What are the advantages of becoming your client?

Your account will be managed by a professional money manager. We monitor the financial markets every day and regularly review your portfolio to ensure that an optimal blend of investments is being used to meet your individual goals. This provides our clients with many benefits, including more time to pursue what really interests them.

What approach to asset allocation do you use?

Our strategy is based on a long-term disciplined approach to investing. After reviewing your Client Profile and completing the client interview process, we can develop a portfolio and asset allocation strategy to meet your individual needs and tolerance for risk. We use tactical asset allocation in our ongoing management of your portfolio.

what if i decide to cancel my relationship with you?

There is never any obligation to stay with our program. So in the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied, you may terminate the relationship at any time by notifying us immediately.

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